I swim for my high school and club teams. I've recently started to swim competitively in August of 2012, I'm a sprinter.

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Cameron van der Burgh of RSA reacts after winning the gold in the Men’s 100m Breastsroke 

Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

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dreams do come true. 

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Today´s training

part 3

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By Mike Lewis

Just keeeeep smilling

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Why pour an ice bucket over my head when I can plunge into the pool at 5:30 am and feel the same way?

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Reezy soaking up some sun whilst Cammile, Cullen, Tim and Michael all have clothes on

credit Swimming World

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All types of swimmers:


Freestylers - run you over
Backstrokers - grab your butt
Flyers - hit your arms
Breaststrokers - kick you

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(From bottom) Michael Phelps of the United States, Ryan Lochte of the United States and James Goddard of Great Britain compete in the first semifinal heat of the Men’s 200m Individual Medley (Al Bello/Getty Images Europe)
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